Saturday, October 8, 2011

GRIEF- A Widow's After Shock

I like to use analogies. To me, grief was the after shock of suddenly becoming a widow. First there's the "Earthquake" in your life. Your spouse dies and your whole world is shaken and broken apart. Nothing is ever the same. Everything is out of place. Grief is the suffering caused by loss. Like an earthquake, it's not like "one" thing is out of place. Your whole life is shifted and changed. So when we grieve the loss of our spouse, we are also grieving for other losses...he may have been our best friend, lover, and companion. We may have to move, change jobs and/or careers. It's like an earthquake that destroys a town. We have to pick up the pieces and start from scratch!

After the dust settles, we see what we're left with. We begin to look within ourselves to see what we can salvage. At first, it seems very dismal with little hope. As we begin to ask for God's help, He shows us that we can rebuild. Not only can we rebuild, but with His guidance, we can build a stronger foundation. We come to realize where our strength comes from!

Can you tell when it's God that's helping you to pick up the pieces? How do you know?


Mari said...

So true Cindy. My help has always and will always come from the Lord. I realize it now. I feel ashamed to say that while my husband was here I expected that help to come more from him rather than the Lord. Although my husband would gently remind me that I needed to depend on the Lord and not on him. I had been learning this slowly through my married life. I realize now that's the way it should have always been.

Cindy Adams said...

Hi Mari, I think it's very natural to lean on our husbands for help. I agree with you that no matter who comes in our lives, we have to remember that they are just temporary, and only God can be with us forever!